Year Title Work
1990 Spring - Moves to Tokyo; Enters a Junior College of Music
1991 Works part time for Mix Beat Attractions Sound Effects
1991 Works part time for Wolf Team Co., Ltd. Engineer, Sound Effects
1992 April - Enters SQUARE Co., Ltd.
Games involved with at SQUARE Co., Ltd.
Super NES
1992 Han-juku Hero Engineer, Sound Effects
1992 Final Fantasy V Sound Effects
1993 The Secret of Mana Sound Effects
1993 Romancing SaGa 2 Engineer, Sound Effects
1995 Chrono Trigger Composer, Arranger
1995 Radical Dreamers Composer, Arranger
1996 Gun Hazard Composer, Arranger
1996 TOBAL No.1 Producer, Composer, Arranger
1998 Xenogears Composer, Arranger
1995 Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version
1995 Chrono Trigger "THE BRINK OF TIME"
1996 Gun Hazard Original Soundtrack
1996 TOBAL No.1 Original Soundtrack
1998 Xenogears Original Soundtrack
1998 Xenogears Arranged Version "CREID"
1998 July - Resigns from SQUARE Co., Ltd.
Works involved with as a freelance
Nintendo 64
1998 Mario Party Composer, Arranger
1999 Bomberman-64 (2) Composer, Arranger
1999 Chrono Cross Composer, Arranger
2000 Rockman DASH2 *CM song, Ending theme Producer, Arranger
PlayStation 2
2001 Tsugunai Composer, Arranger
2001 Shadow Hearts *10 songs Composer, Arranger, Mixer
2001 Legaia DuelSaga *10 songs Composer, Arranger
2002 Xenosaga Episode I Composer, Arranger
2004 Shadow Hearts II Composer, Arranger, Mixer
PC Games
2002 The Seventh Seal Composer, Arranger
1998 Street Fighter EX2 Arranged Vers. *2 tracks Arranger, Mixer
1999 Street Fighter ZERO3 Drama Album Composer, Arranger, Mixer
1999 Biohazard 2 Drama Album "Sherry" Composer, Arranger, Mixer
1999 Biohazard 2 Drama Album "Ada" Composer, Arranger, Mixer
1999 2197 (omnibus album) *1 track Composer, Arranger, Mixer
1999 TEN PLANTS (omnibus album) *1 track Composer, Arranger, Mixer
1999 Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack Composer, Arranger
1999 Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack Composer, Arranger, Mixer
2000 Fumina Hara / Naite Iiyo (single) Producer, Arranger
2000 Junko Kudo / Heijitsu Matinee Producer, Arranger
2001 Fumina Hara / Koi wo Hajimemashou (Maxi-single) Producer, Arranger
2001 Square Vocal Collection *3 tracks Composer, Arranger
2001 Shadow Hearts *10 tracks Composer, Arranger, Mixer
2001 an cinniuint Composer, Arranger, Mixer
2002 Legaia DuelSaga Original Soundtrack Composer, Arranger, Producer, Mixer
2002 Kokoro / Theme from "Xenosaga Episode I" Composer, Arranger, Producer
2002 Xenosaga Original Soundtrack Composer, Arranger, Producer
2002 Sailing to the World "The Seventh Seal" Soundtrack Composer, Arranger
2003 Street Fighter Tribute Album Arranger
2004 Dark Chronicle Premium Arrange Arranger
2004 Shadow Hearts II Original Soundtracks Arranger
2004 Xenosaga Episode I (re-release) Composer, Arranger, Producer
Live Performances
1999 Kirche WINTER ORB *guest performance
1997 Andy Irvine, Paul Brady CD Liner Notes
1997 Donal Lunny CD Liner Notes
1999 Exceed Press "Game Music" Column Writer
2002 Keyboard Magazine "Phrase Collection - Spring 2002" Column Writer

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