Original Soundtrack (Limited Edition)

Product number : SSCX-10013 (2 Discs)
Release date : March 1, 1998
Published by : DigiCube Co., Ltd.
Distributed by : SME Intermedia Inc.
(C) 1998 Square Co., Ltd.
(P) 1998 DigiCube Co., Ltd.
Sound source : live recordings + PlayStation sound module

* Xenogears OST LIMITED EDITION is no longer in print.
Original Soundtrack (Normal Version)

Product number, publishers, distributers, etc. same as above.

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01. Dark Dawn
03. Ties of sea and flames
04. Our village is number one
05. Valley from where the wind is born
06. Distant promise
07. Steel giant
08. Black moon forest
09. Where the eggs of dreams hatch
10. Slumber (short version)
11. Dajil, town of scorching sands
12. Longing
13. Grafh, Dark Conqueror
14. Fuse
15. Traces left from warriorsf dreams
16. Gem which cannot be stolen
17. Aveh, ancient dance
18. Invasion
19. Dance of death
20. Into a dark sleepc
21. The gentle wind sings
22. We, the wounded shall advance into the light
23. Lostc splintered fragments
24. Thames, the spirit of a man of the sea
25. Blue traveller

01. In a prison of remorse and contentment
02. Jaws of ice
03. Crimson knight
04. October mermaid
05. The wind is calling, Shevat of the azure sky
06. The heavens, clouds and you
07. Gathering stars in the night sky
08. A starfs tears, a manfs sentiments
09. Soaring the skies
10. Wings
11. Solaris, heavenfs paradise
12. Slumber (long version)
13. The one who is torn apart
14. Prayer, the happiness people wish for
15. Premonition
16. Awakening
17. The one who bares fangs at God
18. The beginning and the end
19. SMALL TWO OF PIECES ~splintered shards

Track list translated by Leon.

Approximately one and a half year after his last appearance in the game music scene as the sound producer of the 3-D Fighting Game, "Tobal No.1" (and also, almost 2 whole years after his last title as a composer in "Gun Hazard"), Yasunori finally made his much anticipated return to the scene with an even more polished sound, in the RPG title, "Xenogears". This time, his main theme for composing, was to write songs that could be listened to - not only as a BGM for the game, but also as a single song by itself. As a result of this, many of the songs off of the album turned out to be very self-expressive; with each song having distinct characteristics that appealed differently to the listener's ears. Though the process that he had to go through in writing these songs was very long and difficult, in return, he says that he was able to experience many joys of music, and also through experiencing studio and recording work with some of the top musicians from countries like Ireland, Bulgaria and Japan, he was able to grow and develop in many different aspects. And of these many songs, the ending theme "Small Two of Pieces", which included the vocalist Joanne Hogg of the Irish rock band, "IONA", was of exceptional quality. With this song, Yasunori also left his mark in history as the first composer ever to insert a vocal track into the ending theme song of a SQUARE game.