Kirite (CD + Book)

Product number : SBPS-0008~0009 (1 Disc + 1 Book)
Release date : May 18th, 2005
Published by : Sleigh Bells

Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda
Story by Masato Kato

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1. Is Kirite Burning?
2. Volfino City
3. Promise of the Wind ~ Where the Petals Are
4. Lapis Lazuli Forest
5. Blue Sky
6. Sneering Drawn Blade
7. Melody of the Moon
8. Encounter ~ Curtain of Darkness
9. Nocturne
10. Dying Autumn
11. The Snow's Howl
12. Trees of Prayer
13. The Name of Hope
14. Eternal Ring

What is Kirite?

Kirite is a collaboration album combining music and story by composer Yasunori Mitsuda and game creator Masato Kato, whose previous work on big titles such asgChrono Triggerh and gChrono Crossh has already captivated the hearts of many fans.

The book containing an original story written by Masato Kato, and CD composed by Yasunori Mitsudafs will come together as a box set. The world of Masato Kato, visionary, strangely cold yet warm somehow. The more you read the more you will be absorbed into the story he has woven. Accompanying it is Yasunori Mitsudafs music, which at the same time both soothes and stimulates the hearts of its listeners.
These two having come together the world of Kirite is about to open its doorsc

An introduction to the story

Excerpts from the book gFive seasons of Kiriteh. Story: Masato Kato

A boy by the name of Kiritec
The air was filled with countless swarms of sparks emerging from the bright red flames. Like insane fireflies they danced the dance of death. The blazing crimson flames furiously bit into the darkness, only to be bitten back by it in returnc The boy got injured and fell, as that very flame of life deep inside his thin body was threatening to silently fade out. But it had not faded out yet. Not just yetc gYour life ends here, along with this worldh The boy remained silent, staring only into the eyes of his enemy. Those pupils. Dark and cold, they were inked in total desperation like the blackness of death. Confronted by them, the boy sank to the bottom of despair, as he started to give up on everything.

A girl by the name of Kotonohac

She liked all that made the world seem like a simple place, turning everything into monotonous black and white. She lived but to silently adore the bare simplicity that is the absence of all idleness. This might have actually been a secret longing for death, the sad wish to return to nothing but dust. If anyone were to have pointed this out to her however, she may have but slightly tilted her head, a puzzled smile playing over her lips.

A darkness by the name of Orochic

And there, that tiny flower blossomed all by its lonesome. That beautiful white flower, shivering as it had been struck with diseasec An image hit his mind like a flash of lightning. A lone figure standing amidst countless scattered flower petals dancing through the air. Thatfs it. For some reason thatfs what he thought at that instant. He unconsciously let a smile creep across his face. He was Orochi. Before long, he would silently emerge from obscurity. Like a ripple slowly spreading on the dark surface of a deep underground lake obscured to all, Orochi would spread death throughout the world.

And then, when these three would meet, the world would silently start to go madc

The hourglassf sand is rapidly falling. Even at this very instant. If things continue like this, it will be lost. Lostc? What will be lost? Slipping though this hand of mine. Something irreplaceable. Running far away, never to return. NevercKirites found himself overcome a strange feeling of restlessness. Donft forget, the sand is falling. Continuously falling. Even at this instant, slowly but surely it is falling. Can you hear it rustling? And for sure, the time until the hour glass would be empty was about to run out. There was not much time left for the both of them. Not much time until Orochi would rise up from the pit of darkness to devour the girlc gShe is sleeping, embraced by a sea of whitec Impenetrable to all Having stopped the flow of time as well. Filled with a strange calm and easech

And at last you have come here. To Dovenak, the mountain of bones that holds Volfino deep inside its bosom. He is here. Therefs no doubt about it. Just beyond here, he is waiting for me. But will I be able to stop to Orochi? And if I am, then what will become of Kotonoha? Kirite didnft know. Neither if he could hope to accomplish anything here, nor what the future held for the both of them. But in any case, something had to be done about Orochi. There was no way he could leave Kotonoha to her fate like this. Through the thick blanket of snow Kirite steadily moved forward, one step at a time. Onwards toward the final confrontation when all would be resolvedc

A collaboration album combining music and story gKiriteh

Participating Artists

Eri Kawai: vocals, chorus, a.piano
Tomohiko Kira (ZABADAK): guitars, bouzouki
Hitoshi Watanabe: basses
Hidenobu gKaltah Otsuki: drums
Akihisa Tsuboi: violins
Kinya Sogawa: shinobue, shakuhachi
Laurie Sogawa: tin wistle
Haruo Kondo: early musics
Tamao Fujii: percussion
Yutaka Odawara: drums
Junko Kudo: lyrics

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