Xenogears Creid
Yasunori Mitsuda & Millennial Fair

Product number : SSCX-10018
Release date : Apirl 22, 1998
Published by : DigiCube Co., Ltd.
Distributed by : SME Intermedia Inc.
(C) 1998 Square Co., Ltd.
(P) 1998 Square Co., Ltd. / DigiCube Co., Ltd.

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Composed by : Yasunori Mitsuda | Arranged by : Yasunori Mitsuda / KALTA

Participating Artists: Tetsuko Honma / Yoko Ueno / Eimear Quinn / Koko Komine / Tomohiko Kira / Davy Spillane / Maire Breathnach / Hiroshi Watanabe / Tamao Fujii / Maria Kalaniemi / Kinya Sogawa, and others


02. Two Wings (Lyrics: Junko Kudo)
04. CREID (Original Lyrics: Yasunori Mitsuda)
06. Stairs of Light (Lyrics: Junko Kudo)
07. October Mermaid
08. Spring Lullaby (Lyrics: Junko Kudo)
10. Mobius (Lyrics: Junko Kudo)

Often known to many as the arranged version of the RPG soundtrack "Xenogears", the contents of this CD differ so greatly from that of other SQUARE game arrangements that it could almost be mistaken as a personal solo album of Yasunori Mitsuda. Actually, looking at the size of his face printed on the album jacket cover, it's almost harder NOT to take this as some album for a solo artist. Although the album jacket design itself has a unique taste for something that is game-related, the sounds that come from within are amazingly deep and rich. This album combines the great compositions and arrangements of Yasunori with the finest musicians from Ireland and around the world and is a truly magnificent piece of work. From the music in "Xenogears", it takes his unique musical taste and draws it out to its fullest potential, which is one of the reasons that makes this CD well worth listening to.. It is also a piece of work which will be vital in predicting his future musical directions. And in case you were wondering, "what in the world is a MILLENNIAL FAIR?"... well, the answer's on the back of this CD booklet, so if you're dying to know, buy this album!! You'll thank yourself for doing so.